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Do We Really Understand How Problematic are the Accreditation Companies? A Quick Overview - TAG For

The screenshot below is from the #TAG #Membership for #Adtech companies. Let's try to understand how many trust issues TAG promotes:

1. Working Groups: I was lucky enough to work with companies who used TAG in the past. I was able to access their Google Drive (Yes! TAG charges your company $10K and this is how they share confidential documents). Many of the docs were completely empty. Even after three or four meetings/sessions. In some meetings, I was able to see how the TAG members are using the time to close deals or to brag on the last NBA game with their clients. Not to think about how to fight fraudulent activity. Google and NBCUniversal are the only companies on the board. Tell me more about transparency please.

2. A La Carte Additions to Basic TAG Membership: this is so wrong that I don't think that I need to explain it. Accreditation companies should have one standards for all! Instead of supporting companies at the beginning of their journey, they are "shaming" you in order to close a bigger deal. Like a fast food restaurant. I was surprised to talk with so many colleagues who had to choose one of the extras in order to get access to other companies. TAG shouldn't try to leverage the companies' needs for verification policies in order to get rich. A real #accreditation company will set one transparent process for all the companies.

3. Thought Leadership Membership: How do you know that the members on this category are really 'leaders'? Do you really trust a company that just paid 7x times more compared to the basic membership to set neutral regulations in your favor? What about a proper 'Vetting Process'? Are you 100% positive that your company want to be associated with companies that might earned their money from suspicious businesses? Does it matter to you? Would you feel different if one of your competitors is holding this membership? Do you believe that your vote and/or opinion will matter if a huge company will reject it? This is not how #neutrality and #equality work.

4. Leadership Council: "The TAG Leadership Council is, in effect, the operational decision-making body for the organization, as it determines and oversees development for the products and initiatives that will best advance TAG’s mission and fulfill the Board’s high-level direction." ( This quote from TAG official website is enough to explain everything that is wrong with TAG accreditation. Disney, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Warner Bros and GroupM are only 40% of the members. A typical 'Old Boys Club'. Do you truly believe that this group of companies is taking care of you? Protecting you? Protecting your company? As a small company which has enough budget to pay the annual $10K fee, you will have almost zero access to the Leadership Council.

5. Trust & Transparency: There is a fundamental problem with the way TAG promotes itself. For some reason, it took me and my colleagues a while to understand that. Read this quote: "A unique opportunity to make a strategic impact on the direction of the digital advertising industry" (from the PDF of TAG for Adtech). This sentence is so clear and true that I was surprised TAG even used it on the brochure. Why do I need to have a TAG accreditation for $10K if I only get the opportunity to influence the industry when I pay $75K? Where is the mutual work and transparency to fight the problems together? There is zero trust between the leading companies on the Leadership Council and I doubt that any of them are impressed by any small company which just invested $10K.

You already familiar with my tone. I don´t like to waste time and resources on products or different accreditation companies that don´t really protect me or my clients.

If you want to learn how to protect your business without going bankruptcy, leave me a private message. I promise you that I have one standard that guides me - honesty!

I would love to hear your feedback and continue this discussion. Feel free to comment, like and share.

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