• Yehonatan Reut

Why I've Opened A Consulting Agency - The Short Version

I joined the online advertising industry in 2011 as a fraud analyst for #Matomy. I negotiated hundreds of chargebacks and refunds and saved big budgets. I learned how twisted and dishonest this industry can be.

In 2015 I joined Protected Media to develop the customer success and technical support teams. I learned from great professionals about the product side and managed to provide our clients with the best experience as possible. I did all of this while living in Vietnam. Only a true leader will allow me to be in Asia while the rest of the team in Tel Aviv.

I worked with hundreds of clients on #fraudprevention and experienced dozens of #trading #platforms, #products, methods and business needs. In 2016 I started to consult on different topics around #fraud #verification and #authentication products. My goal was to save budgets and protect companies.

Today, after months of preparation, I'm starting to offer my #services ,publicly, to companies and individuals who want to make a real #change and #protect themselves from fraudulent behaviors.

I believe in #honesty, #transparency and mutual #respect. It's about time we will leave our ego on the side and start helping our partners and colleagues.

Send us any question or concern. Our team is ready to help you. Best of luck,


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